Friday, February 8, 2013

Vic's Ski Day Avalanche

Headed out for my first real ski of the season last week. Having been in South America for a couple of months and coming home to poor snow conditions I've been more excited to ride my bike, but last Saturday I finally rallied and pulled out the sticks. 

The weather conditions were typical Colorado; cold and bluebird.

I was thinking of going easy, and was surprised at how tender conditions on Independence Pass felt. Headed up looking for something that was neither windblown nor loaded and chose our slope. Standing off to the side of the bowl we triggered an avalanche that one of our party got on film.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back in Action

I had been out of XC - ski commission for a couple of weeks due to an unfortunate incident involving sliding backwards into a small ravine and ripping the front bindings out of my skis.  Fortunately, I was not very far from my car and was able to get things together enough to ski out.  The next unfortunate incident involved mis-drilling the binding holes for one of my rear bindings.

The fix was to drill a riser plate to both skis and mount the bindings onto the plates.  This worked well, but left me with a small, barely noticeable forward lift.

It was nice to be back on the snow this week since we got about 6" of new.  I also found a new (to me) trail that winds around the backside of Leadville and ends up overlooking the Sawatch Range and Turquoise Lake.