Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Days Around Salida

The plan was to ride from East of Johnson Village starting at CR 307 near Trout Pass to Salida and back over three days.  That plan never really materialized and we ultimately began our ride outside of Salida on CR 175.  Unfortunately, we started well after noon in 90 degree heat and the first 10-12 miles to the Turrett area and our first camp were all uphill.  Agonizingly slow uphill.  The one mile section of CR 185 that brought us up above Turret took me an hour.  Surprisingly, I was able to get decent grip on the dirt road and didn't need to be pushed.

The wheelchair attachment and all of our other systems were in place and working well.  With the exception that I (Mike) forgot the water purification and we already felt that our Drom and three liter camelbacks weren't going to hold out for the duration.

We always try to go as light as posible and with the wheelchair it becomes somewhat difficult.  Vic towed a trailer that held her gear, water, food, and my wheels.  I had my gear and the wheelchair frame. 

We camped the first night above Turret and planned on going to Highway 24 the next day via CRs 185 and 187.  The hilly terrain and slow pace turned that plan into taking CR 185D down to Ruby Mountain near Nathrop.

CR 185D was alternately a blast and the toughest grind ever.  Essentially a motocross trail, the road is either swooping banked curves downhill or steep loose dirt uphill.  The huge bright side to this road is that Vic found a spring and we were able to fill up on water.

CR 300 at the end is a sort of deep decomposed granite style sand/rock combo that was really fun to go down, (almost like skiing) but would have been impossible to climb on a bike.  We camped at Ruby Mountain for night number two and took US Highway 285 back to Salida the next morning, arriving around noon for beer and pizza at Amica's.

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