Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colo CDT Day 2

It was all pretty much downhill today, which was nice. Tomorrow it looks fairly flat  and on the following day the punishment begins and lasts for a few days. 
The route called for starting at Steamboat Lake SP on CR 62 to paved CR 129 with a short jaunt back onto the dirt on CR 44 back to 129 and into Steamboat.
We decided to do CR 62 ( which was unfortunately being sprayed with Mag-Chloride) to 129 at Clark and then veer off onto the dirt at CR 58 to meet up with 44. It was a beautiful detour through the ranch land of Routt County. A few miles were added by taking this route, but it was worth it. A nice day, a fun ride, and few beers at the end.
Tomorrow we ride from Steamboat to Stagecoach SP and hopefully beyond to start up Lynx Pass. 

I was told that I need to take more and better pictures, but that didn't really happen today. I will leave you with some cows and a promise to do better tomorrow. 

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