Thursday, July 11, 2013

Colo CDT Days 6-7

Kremmling to Breckenridge

Max provided the labor on this round. He was psyched to try out his new rig, and yes he rides in flip-flops. 

Leaving Kremmling was mellow and flat until Ute Pass up around Henderson Mine where a decent climb got started.  The views of the Gore Range from the top made the grind worthwhile. We stayed at the Blue River CG outside of Silverthorne for the night and met a cool Berliner riding the Trans Am trail. 

On these multi-day sections we have a trailer to carry a lot of the stuff, but I still carry some stuff on my bike. Usually I have my sleeping bag, tent, and wheelchair frame on my rig. This time Max went all out and also carried my chair, which was awesome. 
In the front bags I have snacks, repair tools and spare tube, rain jacket and iPhone. On the back I have a sleeping bag, a beta-mid and poles, and a three liter Camelback. 

The trailer holds the stuff of whoever is with me, a small stuff sack of my extra clothes, as well as stuff we share like food, a cook set, and extra water.  The cook set is a Trangia alcohol stove with one pot. My extra clothes include a shirt, a micro puff, and either a pair of shorts or pants depending on what I'm wearing at the time. 
I do all my photography and blog updates from the phone, and so far it seems to be working out. 

The highlight of this trip had to have been the beer and pizza in the Breck City Market parking lot. The second best thing about this section was the ride back downhill to Silverthorne. 

The next section is Breck to Salida through Como and Hartsel. 

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