Sunday, July 14, 2013

Colo CDT Days 8-9

Breckenridge to Hartsel

It appears that the monsoons are upon us. Vic was the work horse this time as we left Breck in the rain for Boreas Pass and Como. 

Vic's hands got so cold we thought her fingers would fall off. 

Como has an old train station, which is not entirely unique for an old west town. What is unique is that the train station in Como is a B and B run by a Brit by the name of David Tompkins. 
David told us to set up camp near the building and come in for a beer. 

To further our joy and amazement, we learned that the food specials for the night were fish and chips and bangers and mash. Being a wee Edinburgh lass, Vic was overjoyed for a taste of home. 

The next morning Shadow, some sort of big dog mix, saw us off on the road to Hartsel. 

Joining us were my sister Colleen, her boyfriend Geoff, our friend Rachel, and Teddy the dog. 

The ride to Hartsel was basically a mad dash to miss the rain. It was successful for the most part and we were spared the evening deluge. 

Next up is Hartsel to Salida. 

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