Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Colo Divide Day 10

Hartsel to Salida

This one turned out to be a solo trip that was supposed to take two days, but I was making good time so I just finished it off. 
This is what the full load looks like. Don't ask me how much it all weighs, because I don't want to know. 

Snacks/lunch/tools/tube go in the front camo bags. Sleeping bag/pad, food bag, camel back, and tent go on the back. The wheel chair and wheels go on top of that, and it's all bungee corded on the frame. There is also a water drom strapped to the frame under my knees. 

There was one major obstacle in the form of a river crossing that I needed help with. 

As luck would have it, two motorcycle dudes from WI happened by and helped me cross a bit up river where it wasn't so deep. It was however, very muddy. 

Trail Food
I have found my go to snack to be dried fruit mixed with almonds.  I supplement that with Honey Stinger waffles, gummie type snacks and bars. On those bigger days like today, I also pack something a little more substantial like tortillas with almond butter and Nutella. 

What I really want to try is three Honey Stinger waffles stacked on each other and separated by layers of Nutella. 

The next leg is Salida to Doyleville and then on to Del Norte. 

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