Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colorado Great Divide Days 14-17

La Garita to New Mexico

Vic and I left La Garita later than we would have liked and after meeting the unicycle riding co-owner of the Mountain Peddlar out on the trail, missed our turn for Del Norte. As it turns out it wasn't a big deal because there was another road that took us where we needed to go even if it was a little less traveled.  

Our goal for the day was to find a cyclists lodge up the road from Del Norte on the way to Indiana Pass. 
We stopped for some food at the Mountain Peddlar in Del Norte which is a unique little compound that has a cafe and shop section in one building and an inn and antiques shop in two other buildings. Great people and food there. 

Unfortunately, we never found the cyclist lodging and after darkness and rain fell around 9:30 pm we settled for a small clearing right next to the road. 

The next morning was the Indiana Pass extravaganza including approximately 3500 feet of climbing over ten miles. It was a slow ten miles, that took us up to 11,900 feet and that area right near tree line that feels sort of quiet and desolate. 

That night it rained hard again and the next day we got to a place where the road had washed out. It was soupy mess that was difficult to get through, but the intrepid Vic found a way. 

That night we stayed in Platoro (more great people at the Highline Cafe) and Max came out to ride with me to the end point just beyond Cumbres Pass. 

Max is the guy you want to ride with as much as possible. He had a Little Debbie chocolate pie for us at the top of La Manga Pass and a couple beers for the end. He also rode in the rain and dark to the car when we couldn't hitch a ride from the bottom of La Manga Pass back to Platoro. (Thanks to Alex for the hitch from NM to the bottom of La Manga Pass).

Thanks for following along everybody, I had a blast doing this. I want to finish the entire Great Divide Mountain Bike Route next summer so if you're interested in coming along let me know. 

Big thanks to Vic, Mom and Dad, Colleen and Max for helping make this thing happen. 

Next up, the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks, AK to the Arctic Circle. 

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  1. Will your adventurous spirit never rest? You must be out of your mind to want to bike the Dalton. Send me a postcard and a snowball, and wave to the bears for me.