Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mexico Part 2

The 2 is pronounced dosz.

The second half of Mexico continued along the fish taco, barefoot and salt water theme of the first half.

From La Ventana we travelled between south of Todos Santos and La Paz. We camped at a little surf spot, and got crushed by the waves at Cerritos. Mike caught his first waves as a bellyboarder and is now a committed surf bum.

Sea Lion Rookery on the north end of Isla Espiritu Santo

The professionals

While I have nothing against the lifestyle of rising late, coffee, a couple of surf sets and sun-worship followed by cold brews and music late into the evening, I am always interested in the adventure know - salt stains, warm beer, wild hair type days. The decision was made to plan a self supported sea-kayak trip to the island of Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez with our friends Chris and Rachel. With Chris having paddling experience it fell to him to be defacto leader, responsible for ensuring his fellows safety and comfort at all times. Thanks buddy.

With Mike and I sharing a double (AKA a divorce boat), and Rachel and Chris in singles we loaded up in a skiff and were dropped off at the North end of the Island close to the Roockery, with plans to travel between 25 and 45 miles to the southern tip over 4 days. I am actually not sure how far our route was supposed to be, but after the first afternoon the wind and waves grew stronger and taller and our resolve and comfort in the sea grew thinner and edgier.

Mike and I opted for a double kayak, thinking it would offer  little more stability and allow me to use the rudder for us both. The only modification we needed was additional back support which we did with a fancy crazy creek seat and some dry bags.  The tank-boat was nick-named Gordita, as all sailing vessels are females. 

Mike has plans to acquire some fatty tires for the chair, which with the Freewheel attachment on the front should be a pretty good beach rig. 

Ship-wrecked style

We spent three days on the our beach. Have you ever seen Castaway? Well there was similarities. Beach fever, sand everywhere, but no volleyball friend to talk to.

While there was no one else on our beach, a father and son paddled over from the other beach in the bay and joined us for dinner, bring a huge pot of beautifully cooked, fresh caught fish. This team had paddled 800km on what is planned to be a 2 year expedition around the Baja peninsula. Coming from a land-locked state in Mexico they had little idea about tides and waves when they started and survived the huge hurricane that hit Baja last year, sheltering in a cave. We sent them off with avocados and limes to add to their diet of fish. They gifted us a bag of quinoa.

Departing from our 4 day "expedition", loading the boats on top of the skiff. 

Diessue before Margaritas 
Mike and I had just 17 days in Mexico, and we only saw the very tip of Baja. The US news has some worrying stuff in it about Drug Cartels and other things in Mexico. I balance this with the local US news of unlawful police shootings and rioting, overall Mexico felt really safe.

While we were down there we talked about returning, perhaps with the truck to explore more of the bays, mountains, surf spots and taco stands.

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