About Us

Mike Kane could be considered a Renaissance Man, (just to clarify this doesn't mean that he likes old world fairs, but rather a person with many talents or areas of knowledge). 

A long-term transplant to Colorado, he broke his back in a skiing accident in the 90's which accounts for many of the odd looking bikes and paraphernalia featured in the blog.

Long term passions center around traveling, often by bike, to new places and learning new skills. Mike has been known to dabble in both down hill and nordic skiing, web design, human services, expedition logistics, film and video editing, ski-teching, airstream restoration, welding and teaching.

Vic arrived in Colorado from the wilds of Scotland, to spend a couple of months playing on skis. Traveling with a large duffle bag and $80 bucks to Winter Park, she set the tone for what has proven to be years of uncluttered, low income living. Vic has primarily worked for Outward Bound in Colorado, and is currently belaying a PC, and moonlighting as an adventurer.

We first ran into each other on the ski slopes of Winter Park, CO. Mike was working at the National Sports Center for the Disabled, and seeing I had a large duffle and no money, he generously offered to drive me to Los Angeles to catch a flight. Being European I had no idea that it would take more than a couple of hours, and we ended up driving around the  American West before deciding to go to Europe together. Since then we've moved house at least 20 times, enjoying a multitude of accommodations, from a 12x8 ft cargo trailer to a 1890's historic, toilet free ranch house.

The last few years we have been living in one of our Caravans. A couple of years ago we acquired a 19ft 1964 Airstream Globetrotter, and then a year later a 28 ft 1977 Argosy Airstream. Anyone who has had any dealing with 50 year-old airstreams will understand that a shell-on floor replacement is not a weekend undertaking, and one year on we are still working on the Globetrotter while living in the Argosy.
It is a pretty excellent life.